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The Dynamics - J. A. J. / At The Mardi Gras
Jan 17,  · Actor J.K. Simmons will be the 50th King of Bacchus this year at Mardi Gras.
Mardi Gras



Slaughter - The Wild Life, Te Conozco Desde Siempre - Malú - Gracias, Stupids Pledge - Utah Phillips / Ani DiFranco - Fellow Workers, Music Use It - DJ Mark Farina* - Mushroom Jazz, Fuck To This - Various - Gabber Nation 3 - Bleeding Ears, Des Sängers Fluch - Equilibrium - Sagas

The history of a Mardi Gras celebration existed many years before Europeans came to the New World. Some time in the Second Century, during mid-February (usually February 15 according to the Julian calendar), Ancient Romans would observe what they called the Lupercalia, a circus-type festival which was, in many respects, quite similar to the present day Mardi Gras.
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